György Ligeti's 1962 composition Poème symphonique for 100 Metronomes was the last (and perhaps most infamous) of his "verbal scores." Intended as a critique of the state of classical music in the mid-20th century, the piece features ten "performers" winding up a hundred mechanical metronomes set to different speeds and starting them simultaneously, resulting in different textures and layered rhythms as the machines tick in and out of phase. Once eschewed as highly controversial, Poème symphonique is now considered a critical piece of Ligeti's oeuvre and an essential example of his unique musical philosophy.

On February 16, Third Coast Percussion will present a rare performance of Poème symphonique at the Logan Center, featuring students from the University of Chicago, as part of our season-exclusive series celebrating Ligeti's life and legacy.

We are seeking your support to help us make this performance possible. UChicago Presents is excited to partner with Third Coast Production to present our Adopt-a-Metronome campaign. Your gift will go directly toward funding these metronomes and give you the chance to take home a piece of this memorable experience!

WATCH: Third Coast Percussion shares their thoughts on Poème symphonique and Adopt-a-Metronome!

Giving Levels and Rewards:

$ 20: Name printed on program insert; take home a metronome
$ 40: Name in program insert plus metronome signed by TCP artists
$ 60: the above benefits plus a ticket to the performance
Additional metronomes may be purchased for $20 each.

If you choose not to take home your metronome after the performance, unclaimed metronomes will be donated to students at People’s Music School and Merit School of Music.

Gifts can be made by check or online. Checks can be made out to University of Chicago, and dropped off or mailed to our office:

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