Grossman Ensemble Presents an Evening of Premieres

Third Coast Review

By Louis Harris

An evening of premieres took place on Friday night at the Logan Center Performance Hall as the Grossman Ensemble offered its first ever public performance to a large audience in Hyde Park. Formed as the ensemble-in-residence for the new Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition at the University of Chicago, the Grossman Ensemble will be offering new works by leading and up-and-coming composers.

Grossman Ensemble performances reflect a new approach to composition and performance. The group will be working with the composers to sculpt each work, a process that will be documented for academic purposes. As concert preparations move forward, there will be open rehearsals allowing the public to witness the work in progress. Many pieces will result from ensemble commissions; all will be receiving world premieres. Different conductors will also be used for each performance. Friday night’s concert was conducted by Ben Bolter, a Chicago-based conductor, songwriter, and keyboardist.

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