Anonymous 4

Classical Music Critic

This is the time of year when even the most hard-hearted among us stop and take pause when they hear good, cheering holiday music. Rockefeller Chapel was stuffed full on Sunday afternoon for a concert of Christmas music of another kind: Of the kind most of us have never heard before.

That’s because the concert featured Anonymous 4, a female a cappella quartet that has made a name over several decades by performing primarily medieval music. On Sunday their performance was chock-a-block with Christmas music in Latin and Early English and a few other languages most of us don’t speak. But the music spoke for itself. In turns it was sweet, it was fun, it was enchanting, and it was hauntingly beautiful.

The concert was all the more poignant because after just months’ short of 30 years of singing together, the four women making up Anonymous 4 are disbanding. This was not only a concert on their farewell tour, it was the final concert on their farewell tour. Their final farewell.

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