Classical Music Critic

The Marlboro Music Festival, founded in 1951 by Rudolf Serkin and several others, takes place over seven weeks every summer at Marlboro College in southern Vermont. Experienced musicians work with and mentor young talent. They all study and rehearse great works of the chamber music repertoire and offer public performances over five weekends.

A half-century ago Musicians from Marlboro was formed as the touring extension of the festival, so that the work coming out of the summer rehearsals could be heard by a wider audience. This 50th anniversary has seen the talented and popular clarinetist Anthony McGill on tour with other musicians in a program centering on the Clarinet Quartet of Krzysztof Penderecki, written in 1993. In remarks to the audience before the quartet took their seats, McGill explained that Penderecki, who is now 82 years old, had been at Marlboro this past summer and that the musicians had many opportunities to discuss the work and its performance with the composer.

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