Philip Glass

Staff Writer

Before he stunned an audience at a sold-out concert Feb. 19, composer Philip Glass took some time to sit down and speak about his music and his time at the University of Chicago (U. of C.).

On Thursday night, Glass joined in conversation with U. of C. Professor of Composition. Augusta Reed Thomas, on the same stage he would wow crowds just a day later. Before his big show, however, Glass humbly spoke about his beginnings in music, which all started at the university.

Glass attended U. of C. at age 15 until he graduated at age 19. He spoke about how he was introduced to the world of music while attending the university, even writing his very first composition in his dorm room at Burton-Judson Courts, 1005 E. 60th St.

He said one of his biggest inspirations for what would be his future career as a world-renowned composer was the culture of the university and its neighborhood.

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