Dorothee Oberlinger

By Tim Sawyier

University of Chicago Presents hosted the local debut of recorder virtuoso Dorothee Oberlinger at the Logan Center for the Arts on Friday night. The program, entitled “Il Flauto Veneziano,” surveyed mostly Venetian recorder works of the Renaissance and Baroque eras and was a tour de force of period wind playing.

Oberlinger was joined by harpsichordist Alexander Puliaev and baroque cellist Marco Testori, who took the stage without the evening’s headliner to begin the concert with two secular dances by Giorgio Mainerio. Shiarazula Marazula opened with a profound embellished drone from Testori, over which Oberlinger slowly walked onstage playing the bass recorder. Her rich, throaty tone and improvisatory pitch bending evoked a didgeridoo, about the last instrument one might associate with Renaissance Italy. Oberlinger switched from bass to sopranino recorder for La Lavandara Gagliarda, where she exhibited stunning control in artful euphoric chirping.

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