A Standing Witness: A conversation with Rita Dove, Richard Danielpour, and members of Music from Copland House

Collage image showing Michael Boriskin, Richard Danielpour, and Rita Dove


The adventurous and exhilarating concerts of Music from Copland House link America’s composers to their musical and cultural ancestry and to the wider worlds of literature, theater, painting, history, nature, and science. In this interactive talk with composer Richard Danielpour, poet Rita Dove, and UChicago Associate Professor Adam Green, members of the acclaimed resident ensemble from Aaron Copland’s historic childhood home discuss the creation and performance of A Standing Witness, a piece inspired by history and written during one of the most significant election seasons in modern American memory.

Music from Copland House's performance with Susan Graham, originally scheduled for this October, has been rescheduled to fall 2021.

Presented with support from the Scherer Center for the Study of American Culture.