A Message from UChicago Presents Regarding the 2021/22 Season

We very much appreciate the support by so many wonderful patrons of UChicago Presents over the past season. Whether you’ve tuned into our streamed concerts over the past year or supported our efforts with a donation, your involvement means so much to us — thank you!

By this time in a typical year, UChicago Presents would have announced our season in full and invited you to join us often for concerts by subscribing. However, this is not a usual year, and the resumption of activities is still somewhat a rollercoaster, making it difficult to know what news to share with you and when to do so. Still, we are eagerly looking and planning ahead to the 2021/22 season…

Our theme for the new season is MUSIC FORWARD, which we believe underscores UChicago Presents’ commitment to placing music front and center, whether experienced from the couch or the concert hall. We do anticipate being able to offer a limited number of in-person concerts, depending on what state, city, and University guidelines will allow, as well as more streamed performances. Our priority, of course, is to ensure the safety of artists, audiences, and staff when we move to in-person events.

Because of the current uncertainties around reopening, we will continue to announce our concert plans on a quarterly basis. We anticipate sharing the fall concert schedule with you some time in August.

Check back in early August for information about our Fall 2021 events!

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