Wu Fei's Curated Playlist


Wu Fei publishes an original piece of music every weekday on Wu Fei's Music Daily and by email to subscribers around the world. Since its launch on May 3, 2020, Fei has published more than 950 pieces of original music along with her writing and photography about nature, daily life, Chinese culture, and places she travels to.

In advance of Wu Fei's April 7 concert, she selected five of her favorite original songs just for UChicago Presents listeners! Listen and learn more about them below:


Photo by Wu Fei

Episode #949 - Love locks of Gent 根特爱情锁

Improvised and recorded on March 20, 2024

This piece is one of Wu Fei’s latest posts after a week-long residency at Handelsbeurs Concert in Gent, Belgium, where she premiered her new project - the House of Wu Fei. Listen here.


Photo by Wu Fei

Episode #597 - Wooden arrows of Chicago 芝加哥木箭

Composed and recorded on June 9, 2022

This multi-track guzheng recording was inspired by a concert at the historical Arts Club of Chicago. Listen here.



Photo by Wu Fei

Episode #178 - Mount Slingshot 弹弓山歌

Composed and recorded on October 29, 2020

This multi-track piece features prepared guzheng and Fei’s vocals. Fei used elastic hair bands on the strings. The sound that gives the percussive noise in the recording is from her pulling the rubber bands which then bounced back to the strings. Listen here.



Photo by Wu Fei

Episode #888 - Stream beneath 浣溪沙

Improvised and recorded on November 13, 2023

This was a guzheng composition created after a tour in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Fei was glad to be back home after being on the road, and created a moment of calmness after finishing an intense schedule. Listen here.



Photo by Wu Fei

Episode #938 - Guzheng, frogs and wind 筝,蛙,风 with video

Created and filmed on February 15, 2024

A solo improvisation that Wu Fei played with the frog choir in the spring sun, accompanied by the wind that made her guzheng whistle. An airplane joined them in the middle. It was a great collaboration! Listen here.


Wu Fei performs on Sunday, April 7 at 3:00 PM at the Logan Center. For Wu Fei's concerts & tour info, please visit www.wufeimusic.com