Ensemble Basiani

Ensemble Basiani

Ensemble Basiani was created in 2000 and became the Folk Ensemble of Georgian Patriarchate. In 2013 Basiani was given the status of State Ensemble of Georgian Folk Singing. 

Ensemble Basiani is composed of singers from different parts of Georgia. Most members come from families that perform traditional singing and many members have sung folk songs in different ensembles since childhood. 

Since the day of its inception Basiani actively revives and popularizes the examples of Georgian traditional polyphony. Basiani has revived many traditional folk songs, released numerous albums, participated in many internationally acclaimed festivals, and performed at prestigious venues around the world, including Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), Gulbekian Great Hall (Lisbon), Grand Hall of Saint Petersburg Academic Philharmonic, Aldeburgh Music Festival (England), Kilkenny Arts Festival (Ireland), and many more. 

The Ensemble has visited the USA for four times (2010, 2012, 2016 and 2019), performing in prestigious venues such as:  Lincoln Center, NY; Stanford Live’s Bing Concert Hall, CA; Cal Performances, CA; The Town Hall, NY; Krannert Center for Performing Arts, IL, and others.

“… It was the male Ensemble Basiani from the Republic of Georgia, singing two sets of Georgian polyphony descended from an ancient tradition that stole the main show at Tully against strong competition!” - By James R. Oestreich. August 15, 2010, "The New York Times"



Basiani is the name of one of the regions in Southwest Georgia (in what is now modern-day Turkey, northwest of the town of Erzurum). In 1203, Georgian royal troops defeated the enemy there with the victory consolidating Georgia’s position in Asia Minor.

For Georgians, the battle of Basiani is associated with love of homeland, devotion, and unity. We would wish to serve our beloved music with similar devotion!


Ensemble Members:

George Donadze – artistic director

Zurab Tskrialashvili – director

Irakli Tkvatsiria

Tornike Merabishvili

Elizbar Khachidze

George Gabunia

George Khunashvili

Sergo Urushadze

Paata Tsetskhladze

Lasha Metreveli

Batu Lominadze

Zaza Zuriashvili